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Want to Play?

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Everything is so much more fun when you have someone to play with...including making a podcast.


If you have a great idea for a theme that's perfect for Boomers, I'd love to hear from you.  

So far, co-hosts have joined me for podcasts on: 

As you can see - the field is wide open. Bring your love of chatting,  some connections to interesting guests and let's play. 

Email a brief description of your proposal to:

Interested in a Daily Writing Practice?

If you are looking for a supportive group where you will be inspired and encouraged to be creative and write out your stories...we are collaborating with the VSW School of Writing to create a live daily practice that will kickstart your writing to levels you will hardly believe. WordFLOW starts May 6/2024. Sign up NOW and get your writing practice flowing.

We're looking for Storytellers & Writers

Every month we have a theme and we're looking for creative storytellers and artists to play along with us.

What is required?
  • Your story must be original and it must be true. As we are gathering the stories of the Boomer(ish) generation, we want your real stories--not excerpts from your novel.

  • Your story must be connected to the theme

  • Your story must have a beginning, middle and end. 

  • Your story is about 3 to 5 minutes long when read aloud.


How do I record my story? 

  • Start by telling us your name and where you are currently living. Then tell us the title of your story. Finally tell/read your story.

  • Record your story on an audio app on your computer or phone. If you make a mistake, just go back to the beginning of that sentence or section and redo it. That makes it easy to edit


Tips for best audio:  

  • If you are recording your story on a phone, do not hold it, but put it on a stand or table.

  • Do not wave your hands around - you are likely to bang something - and every bang will be recorded. 

  • Listen to the room. Are there noises that you can control? A noisy fridge? A fan? Turn those off. Noises you can't control? A busy street? Close the windows or wait for a quieter time of day.

  • Listen to your recording before you send.

I'm not a geek! What can I do? 

  • If you having problems doing this yourself, or the audio quality is bad, send us an email and we will organize a zoom call to record your story. But give us plenty of time. These stories all need to be edited into the podcast. 

How do I apply?

Send your recording or a letter of interest telling us a bit about yourself to:

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