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Nothing beats live.
We call it WordFLOW!

If you’ve ever wanted to write about your life or you’ve got a novel that’s itching to be told, but it’s all just a Someday-I’ll-Get-To-It fantasy, then you know for sure that the hardest part of having a writing practice is the day to day consistency.

It’s about inspiration!

It’s about support!

It's about getting your writing projects accomplished!

Being inspired from time to time is NOT enough to either perfect your writing and it's NOT enough to finish a writing project.


That’s why we're super excited to tell you about a program that Boomer Bedtime Stories has creating in partnership with the VSW School of Writing.


WordFLOW is a daily writing program that is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Watch the video below to hear what participants had to say...and we're so proud as their comments were completely unsolicited. 

Why wait around for the muse when you can be inspired every day!

Isn’t it time you finally got to that memoir or novel you’ve been dreaming about?

It's summer time...but we'll see you in September

About the Program

You will be writing

For 20 days out of the month you will be writing live to a writing prompt designed to release your creativity. Whether you already have a writing project or are starting from scratch, this live writing process is designed to stimulate fresh creative writing.

You will be supported

Discover more about yourself as a writer by sharing your writing. Get supportive feedback that keeps you motivated. Be inspired by others. Better writing is inspired writing.

What the program consists of:

  • 9:00 -10:00 am PST Monday to Friday​

  • 20 hours+ per month of live, online writing practice​

  • Guidance and prompts from expert facilitators​

  • An inspirational, supportive virtual writing community​

  • Q&As​

  • Special guests​

  • Sharing Circles​

  • Forums​

  • Recordings for days you cannot be there live​

  • And more…

What it will do for you as a writer:

  • ​Allows you to find your voice without anxiety

  • ​Get your writing done

  • ​Gives confidence

  • ​Builds discipline

  • ​Creates a writing practice

  • ​Sparks creativity

  • ​Inspires new ways of thinking

  • ​Overcomes any fear of criticism and judgment

  • ​Overcomes perfectionism blocks

  • ​A safe space to share your stories

  • ​Gives feedback that inspires

  • ​Exposes you to other writers

The Facilitators

Michele Hall

For over 15 years Michele worked as Producer/Director at CBC producing the weekly Arts & Entertainment segment on CBC Halifax’s supper hour news show, and award-winning TV and radio promotions for Canada’s National  Broadcaster.

Michele is a published author with three books on Amazon. In addition, Michele is a book coach helping first time authors get their books published. 

Michele lives in Vancouver with her husband and enormous black cat. 


Kathrin Lake

Kathrin Lake is the Executive Director of the VSW School of Writing. She facilitates writing retreats, and teaches workshops at writing conferences globally.

She is a published author with many books on Amazon including the well-reviewed book, Writing with Cold Feet, as well as many other books in non-fiction and fiction. She is an award-winning playwright, screenplay writer, and teacher.


She has a degree in film and theatre from Simon Fraser University. Kathrin lives in Victoria and Mexico.

Coming Soon

More fabulous monthly WordFLOW programs to get you inspired and writing.
Advanced WordFLOW with professional coaching support and feedback.

Plus WordFLOW Share where you get to read your work and get supportive feedback.

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