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Beginning May 6

If you’ve ever wanted to write about your life or you’ve got a novel that’s itching to be told, but it’s all just a Someday-I’ll-Get-To-It fantasy, then you know for sure that the hardest part of having a writing practice is the day to day consistency.

Being inspired from time to time is NOT enough to either perfect your writing and it's NOT enough to finish a writing project.


That’s why we're super excited to tell you about a brand new program that Boomer Bedtime Stories is creating in partnership with the VSW School of Writing.


Starting in May 2024, we will be launching WordFLOW a daily writing program that is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s about inspiration!

It’s about support!

It's about getting your writing projects accomplished!

Why wait around for the muse when you can be inspired every day!

Isn’t it time you finally got to that memoir or novel you’ve been dreaming about? 

4 weeks of inspired writing
May 6 - 31, 2024

$150 Cdn

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$110 USD

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