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Who’s Behind Boomer Bedtime Stories?

Boomer Bedtime Stories is Michele’s brain child, inspired as friends gathered together under the hanging grape arbor of an Ibizan villa one September to share stories of their crazy youth.

Together Michele and Karen worked to create the style and tone of the podcast.

We at Boomer Bedtime Stories believe that this podcast offers an opportunity for Boomers everywhere to share the stories of our generation.

Michele Hall - Executive Producer & Host

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Growing up in a theatre family in Toronto, Canada, Michele was always a keen lover and creator of stories, inventing nightly tales to tell her younger siblings. In the middle of her final year of high school, Michele left home earning money to support herself as the body painter at the renowned Electric Circus night club that featured live bands and circus acts. The following fall, she and her boyfriend sailed on one of the last transatlantic sailings on the Russian ship The Alexander Pushkin to spend a year wandering through Europe in a VW bus and living and working in London.


Returning home to Canada, Michele was naturally drawn to the storytelling industry, first working in theatre, then later studying animation at Sheridan College where her dual loves of art and filmmaking came together. For over 15 years Michele worked as Producer/Director at CBC producing the weekly Arts & Entertainment segment on CBC Halifax’s supper hour news show, and award-winning TV and radio promotions for Canada’s National  Broadcaster.


Since going her own way, Michele has focused on the written word and is the author of three books currently available on Amazon. She now coaches first time authors in writing, editing and publishing their books.

Karen Heaps
Occasional Producer & Host

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Born in Montreal, Canada, Karen’s family emigrated to London England in 1964, where at just 14 years old she found herself smack in the middle of Swinging London: The Beatles, Twiggy, Carnaby Street, Biba’s. This gave her a taste for always seeking out where the action was. As soon as high school was behind her, and assured that her higher learning lay in the open road, she pounced upon an opportunity to work on the Italian Riviera as an au pair, where she set about getting a true education: sexual and otherwise. In 1969, working for the American Express in Amsterdam where every hippie worth their salt came to get their mail and money on their way through Europe, she was, once again, smack dab in the middle of the action. When Karen discovered Ibiza in her early twenties, she knew she had found her spirit’s home. To this day, Karen returns to the island every year.


In 1972 she travelled with friends in their small caravan of VW vans on the ‘Hippie Trail’ to Afghanistan. On her return to London, she worked in the art world with her father purchasing North American Inuit and Aboriginal artifacts brought to Europe by explorers.  Karen would travel to Canada repatriating these pieces.


Her love of both clothing and interior design inspired her to set up a boutique in Vancouver where she imported fashions from New York, LA, London and South America. Later, she designed an international line of children’s clothing, and was a wardrobe and set designer in the film and commercial world for almost twenty years. She currently lives in Vancouver teaching Yoga, training yoga instructors and hosting retreats and workshops both in Canada and in Europe.

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