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Tis the Season - Part 1

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Do you remember grandma's house? The smell of turkey, the home baked cookies? It turns out a lot of Boomers have special memories they wanted to share--so many that we are doing 2 episodes so you can enjoy these wonStoderful true Boomer stories.

In this first part of the Holiday Special, we have 5 stories to warm the heart:

1 - Not everyone looks forward to the holidays. It can be a real challenge after a loved one has died. Reverend Steven Garrett shares a wonderful way that he and his family got through Christmas after his beloved sister died.

Steven was a previous guest on the episode Bringing Death to Life.

To find out more about Stephen and his courses:

To purchase a copy of Stephen's book: When Death Speaks

2 - Patricia Godfrey tells a tale of trying to do a traditional Christmas in disastrous results.

3 - Bill Moore, aka the Okie Boomer, has written several hilarious memoirs based on his childhood growing up in Norman, Oklahoma. His story here is just as captivating.

Don't forget to also enjoy Bill's earlier episode called The Okie Boomer.

Find out more about Bill Moore on his website

And head here to purchase Bill's books

4 - Hanne Jensen weaves a bittersweet tale from her childhood of Christmas in Denmark.

5 - Pamela Fenske may not be a kid, but she has proof that Santa is real. Pamela was a previous guest and told a hair-raising story in If You Go Into the Woods Today.

Listen here:


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