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The Okie Boomer

Many of us remember our childhoods with fondness. Those were the days when we rode our bikes with a gang of friends, caught frogs and built forts and didn't come home until the street lights came on.

It was a time of innocence and freedom that our children and grandchildren can hardly imagine. Bill Moore, a journalist for over 40 years, has just published his second book of short stories that take us back to those halcyon days with hilarious images of a mischievous boyhood that will have you laughing until you cry.

Enjoy the full episode here:

Find out more about Bill Moore on his website

And head here to purchase Bill's books

Head here to listen to or purchase music by Eli Moore


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1 Comment

May 02, 2023

I very much enjoyed chatting to you, Michele. The SFX you added are a hoot! And I love hearing Eli's music as the intro and outro! Cheers from NZ! -- Bill

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