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True Ghost Stories

What's Halloween without scary stories whispered in your ear while the wind howls around the house?

Gather round in the dark as listeners share true tales of things that go bump in the night. Guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

A truly haunting show…

About our guest co-host and storyteller Kathrin Lake:

Kathrin Lake is the author of the well reviewed book,Writing with Cold Feet; she is an award-winning playwright, screenplay writer, teacher of writing, professional speaker and author of number of other non-fiction books. She is also a developmental editor and writing coach who helps individuals write their first books or keynote speeches using her Power of Story system. Kathrin lives in Mexico where she holds writing retreats through the VSW. She has a degree in film and theatre from Simon Fraser University.


Jonathon Osborne very generously mailed in his story. It was read by Tom Tompkins aka Tommy Transit

Christine Potter was born in England during WWII and emigrated to Canada in 1965 and shortly after started a career writing for local papers. "The Choirboy and the Bellydancer" an enduring and entertaining love story is the first book in her series of memoirs.

Suzanne Buller is known as 'The Travelling Lady' and says on her blog: Before I retired, I was restricted to a few weeks vacation and armchair travelling. After retirement, I morphed into an itinerate traveler, trying to travel and eat my way around the world. Now, I love to share my travel experiences and helpful travel tips as I discover new places, people, and food. I want to travel to places I’ve never been and experience new cultures and food. I will never tire of exploring the world around me."

Listen to the full episode here:


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1 comentário

Jonathon Osborne
Jonathon Osborne
31 de out. de 2023

The thing about being a writer, is that we have open minds and good imaginations.

But truth is stranger than fiction.

Jonathon Osborne

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