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Famous British actor shares surprising news...

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

At 83, famous British actor has saved his best role for the last. In this Boomer Bedtime Story exclusive, Sir Anthony Hopkins reveals that he is beyond excited about playing what could be his last big role: the part of bus driver Tommy Transit.

Based on the best-selling book Bus Tales: How to Change the World from 9 to 5, Sir Anthony confesses concern over the challenges of collecting fares while also keeping the bus between the curbs. ‘It’s my most challenging role ever,” the renowned actor shares about the upcoming blockbuster from his home in Malibu, California.

When we reached Tommy, he said that he is thrilled that a larger audience will be exposed to his message of practicing kindness and what he calls 'The Art of Acknowledgement'. However, Tom did express concern that the Hannibal Lector mask Sir Anthony plans to wear to handle difficult passengers, goes against his mission of making people happier as they board the bus.

April Fool's Day!

It's all fun and games...and hopefully no one was hurt. View original excellent interview with the talented CBC host Tom Power below :


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