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Tis the Season - Part 2

There's something very heart-warming about the nostalgia of Christmases past.

From the decorations on the house to the smell of holiday treats cooking to running through the wood lot looking for the perfect's always a delight to look back fondly.

In the part of holiday stories, five storytellers from all over the world have sent in their memories to keep you entertained and hopefully bring back fond memories as you sip on your eggnog or put out a treat for Father Christmas.

In this second part of the Holiday Special, we have 5 stories to warm the heart:

1 - Patrick Geise shares the tales of the lengths his mother would go to add a festive touch to every holiday of the year.

2 - Alice Englemore has written a brilliantly funny portrait of her mother who is always a bit anxious when the Christmas season comes around...for a very good reason.

3 - Kathrin Lake shares a story from her second memoir The Happy Hammock Builds a House - telling of her first Christmas alone in Mexico, truly heart-warming.

4 - Jennifer Silva Redmond looks back to a magical Christmas in New York City. Her memoir Honeymoon at Sea. She was also eatured in a previous podcast episode called Just You 'n Me and the Sea where she shares a harrowing first night watch at sea.

5 - Michele Hall - for the first time, our podcast producer, host and all round techie shares a memory from her childhood called Christmas 1957.

Listen here:


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