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The Last Victorian & the First Boomer

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

John Uttley, born just as WWII was ending, claims he is the last Victorian and the first boomer. And certainly he was caught betwixt two very different eras as the old Britain faded while a hot exciting new Britain came into its own in the 60's.

Following a successful career, John turned his energies to novel writing in his retirement. He has just published the last book in his "Unholy Trinity Trilogy".

In this episode, John shares some fascinating insights into what growing up in postwar Britain was like as well as a hilarious story of the trials and tribulations of owning your first car.

John's books The Unholy Trinity Trilogy can be found on Amazon. To find out more about John Uttley, check out his website.

To listen to this episode:


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Jeanette Sutton
Jeanette Sutton
Apr 19, 2023

I loved John Uttley’s story about driving his car round Hyde Park Corner in reverse. He tells a good tale!


Pamela Fenske
Pamela Fenske
Apr 17, 2023

Michele your podcasts are getting more and more entertaining with every broadcast.. John was only hard to understand at the beginning but soon my ears got used to his voice..totally enjoyable!

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