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Story Gold – How Telling Our Mother’s Story Changes Everything!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Does understanding our mother’s life, make a difference to ours? Marilyn Norry has been exploring this topic for decades. Whether we adored our mother or she drove us crazy, Marilyn has uncovered a simple 'recipe' that changes everything!

Actor, writer and story editor Marilyn Norry created a remarkable project called 'My Mother's Story' and has been collecting mother's stories since 2004. She turned her fellow actors' stories into a stage play and has published three anthologies.

Listen Here:

To find out more or add your own mother's story to the Mother's Stories Archives, head to Marilyn's website.

We love this video where women share what it was like to write out their mother's story.

And here's Marilyn's talk on Tedx:


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