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It's a Game Changer

At the beginning of our second season as a podcast, we thought it was time to have a little fun.

Contacting all 22 Boomer guests from our first season, we and asked them if they were game to play. They were! So the race was on. And...they played full out.

In this episode we find out not only who was the number 1 winner in the Boomer Derby, but also the FANTASTIC game we gave as first prize.

Boom Again! (the game and the prize) was created by legendary game creator Brian Hersch who designed this ingenious board game just for Boomers. Yup, you heard us can tell the kids and grandkids to leave you and your friends alone as you laugh your way down memory lane.

But how can you and your buddies play? Well, Brian and his team at Boom Again! have made a special offer ONLY for Boomer Bedtime Story listeners.

Use the code BBS25 at checkout to get 25% off on the price. This is amazing - because normally they don't offer any discounts. So don't wait a moment more...get your game today and let the memories flow.

To listen to this episode:


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